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In this handwriting and signature analysis consultation session: 

I will guide you with practical solutions in your love life, financial issues, health issues, past, present, future, relationship compatibility with your family, friends, life partner, personality strengths & weaknesses, career options and success rate in your personal and professional life. 

You may have been in the following situations like working too hard but not being able to achieve the results you truly desire, giving a lot of attention to your partner but he or she still ends up being unsatisfied with you, dreaming about making a lot of money but never really being able to take action on your dreams, thinking about choosing a particular career but struggling to convince your family, feeling awkward in a social setting or constantly thinking about running away to feel more confident and free, anxious about the future in the present and being stuck in your past memories. 

If any of this sounds like you, you don’t need to worry anymore. 

You will get a complete guided step by step consultation with an action plan on how your handwriting and signature is affecting your life right now and how changing your handwriting and signature can help you improve your behaviour, personal and professional life.  


In this 1 on 1 life coaching session:                          

I will guide you with practical solutions to the issues and challenges you’re facing in your personal and professional life. 

You may be feeling low and negative about the current events in your life like being introverted by nature, dealing with fear and rejection from people around you, not being able to make as many friends as you like in your social life or professional life, unable to talk to people in social gatherings, trying too hard to sleep but suffering from insomnia, losing confidence in relationships with family members or your life partner, constant feeling of depression , self existential thoughts & in some cases, suicidal tendencies. 

If any of this sounds like you, you don’t need to worry anymore. 

You will get a complete guided step by step consultation with an action plan on how to go ahead from where you are to where you want to be and follow up sessions to make a difference in your life right from the first session itself.

In this book writing & publishing consultation session: 

I will guide you with practical solutions as to how to write a book, publish it in less than 30 days and market yourself to be a best selling author.

You may have faced issues like thinking about an idea about what you want to write, but you never really got around to writing your thoughts for your dream book or you’ve written a book but you’re struggling with how to publish, market and make your book a bestseller in the market. Probably you thought it’s too expensive and calculated that if you spend a certain amount of money will you even get any kind of returns and will you be able to make your money back? 

You’ve also seen your friends publish their paperback books & e-books on various e-commerce websites and made lots of money out of those books and you’ve secretly been wondering how did they do it? Last, but not the least, you’ve always had this dream of being a published author who’s a bestseller in his or her category. 

If any of this sounds like you, you don’t need to worry anymore. 

You will get a complete guided step by step consultation with an action plan on how to create ideas for your book, arrange, format your content, publish your books and make it a bestseller in the category of your choice.

Check out what our clients say

“Bro you were fabulous the level of accuracy and perfection you have in graphology is amazing! Thank you so much! You are the best!"
Mayur Sakhare
Singer, Mumbai
“Par Excellence!!!!
That is what i can say about you. At this age, you have got amazing precision and accuracy of analysing ones handwriting and signature. And the way you put it across to others, people just want to hear more and more from you. All the best. Cheers!!!!”
Dipika Nalawade
Reliance Brands Entertainment, Mumbai
“It was fantastic, I mean to get such an accurate insight into who i am as a person just by the way I write blew my mind.”
Amogh Ranadive
Content Head at Weirdass Comedy, Mumbai
“I have known Pavan since two years now. He has a great gift for graphology!! So going back when I came to know he had this great potential I had asked him if could do graphology and as the sweet person he was more than happy to do so. To my surprise his accuracy was 95% spot on. Which I believe is great!!! All the best for your future and you can surely put your trust into him for guidance’s you require for whatever aspects of life. He is going to be a great help!”
Ekta Patel
Communication Specialist, FedX, Dubai
“It's been a fabulous experience. Pavan caught on to stuff that was probably the least known about me through my handwriting alone. And i think you’d totally benefit from his services.”
Richa Vaidya
Yash Raj Films, Mumbai
“Hey Pavan! 🙂 Thank you so much for the analysis. The precision with which you described me without knowing me much was absolutely amazing. The interaction with you was very comfortable. I am sure you'll excel in this field. Best of luck for your bright future! ”
Simran Jaggi
FCB Ulka, Mumbai
“Quite accurate. It was impressive as many of my traits were well revealed and Pavan does justice to graphology.”
Anju Panicker
Voice Over Artist, Reliance Industries Limited, Mumbai
“You are just too good at predicting & stating about someone’s personality, present n past analysis with a bit of future analysis. I personally felt whatever you did notify me about, was quite true. You can make someone feel comfortable and you give that space of being oneself!”
Krisha Lakhiani
Pavan Badllani is truly a phenomenal motivational speaker who easily strikes a chord with his audience. His thorough understanding of key issues involving youngsters and corporates is what makes him a great motivational speaker.
Chetan Dubey
Deputy Brand Manager, Parle Products
“I motivate myself every day to conquer school and the battle of life. Sometimes it can be a challenge but if you believe in yourself then you'll get through anything. My friend Pavan motivates me every day to make my day worth living. He told me that if I was brave enough that I could do anything in life. Be strong and know that problems won't always stay. They'll eventually go away you'll just have to believe in yourself. Thanks Pavan for making me believe in myself.”
Pooja Doshi Shah
“I would highly recommended Pavan's motivational talks, they really give you the drive and momentum to achieve anything in life you desire! He also helps you make real & lasting changes and which helps you achieve more personal growth.”
Ektaa Mathur
“Pavan’s ultimate goal is to help other people achieve their goals more efficiently and be able to achieve their full potential. That definitely sets the foundation for being one of the best motivational speakers.”
Radha Iyer
Event Manager,
Reliance Industries, Mumbai
“Pavan is a fantastic person. Has been more than a decade since I personally know him and he is such an understanding and motivating mate. He will always encourage you and complement you to keep you going. Stay blessed Pavan and always keep smiling and spreading this positivity.”
Purvi Goel
Associate at Morgan Stanley, Mumbai
“Pavan has always been a support, just when I lose hope I know whom to turn to and always with honest and genuine guidance he has motivated me to stay put in the correct direction.”
Shraddha Shah
Marketing Executive,
Griebs Media & Production, Mumbai
“Pavan is an old friend but more than anything he is an amazing kind hearted person filled with enthusiasm and positivity! In a world full of negativity it’s great to have met someone who not only preaches what he says but also motivates every individual around him to have a positive attitude towards life and inspires us to overcome our fears. His words make an inferior person feel superior. He makes you realize that every individual is special and that everyone should get what he or she desires in life by just believing in oneself. I am obliged to have come across such a charismatic person and highly appreciate the efforts that he puts in to make this world a better place by motivating and inspiring people to do good in life and spread positivity.”
Snigdha Sahu
Grad Student @ California State University, East Bay


Most frequent questions and answers

In very simple In very simple words, handwriting and signature analysis is a study of your complete personality which can help you with letting you know about your personality, mindset, love life, relationships with your friends, family, life partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, financial life, career options, health issues, past, present and future behaviour. 

I would not recommend changing your signature immediately. Firstly the signature that has been designed for you apart from your current signature, needs to be practised for at least 100 times every day, so that creating that signature becomes a natural part of your personality for you. More importantly, during those 30 days, you also need to share how comfortable do you feel or whether can notice any significant changes in your own personality. Once you are confident that you can create this signature after 30 days in your bank and other legal / official documents, only then it is recommended to change your signature officially. Meanwhile, you can definitely keep practising the new signature unofficially and that too will produce the same kind of positive changes as changing your signature officially. 

Even if you aren’t writing or signing as much as you used to, it still is beneficial for you to get a handwriting and signature analysis done. Over the past 11 years and having worked with more than 10,000 people and analysing their handwriting and signatures all across the globe, I have noticed that people still go through a lot of issues like zero job satisfaction, unhappy relationship with their partner/parents/friends, lack of enthusiasm towards their goals/ideas and high stress levels on a daily basis. They are unaware of it unless a life coach, psychologist, psychiatrist, a counsellor or a handwriting and signature analyst meets them and makes them aware of their problems and the solutions for their issues. You may not know this, but you might be going through one of these problems for sure. And if you haven’t had these problems solved for you, you’re either waiting to meet the right person to guide you, you’ve tried solving these problems before and you’ve lost faith or you have made a choice to live with your problems and accepted them as a part of your life, which in any circumstances isn’t a good idea. So there’s no harm in getting your handwriting and signature analysed, because if a simple analysis and a few changes to your handwriting and signature can make your life better, I’ll be more than happy to help you.  

It takes 1 hour to do a complete handwriting and signature analysis session where we will be doing a complete analysis and understanding what are the pain points and challenges that you might be going through currently. Once I get a clear understanding from you about your personal and professional life challenges, I customise and design a signature tailor made to remove and reduce the effect of the challenges that you’re going through in your personal and professional life. Along with designing your handwriting and signature and making corrections, I also offer a 21 day handwriting and signature analysis writing assignment called Graphotherapy. Graphotherapy is a form of reverse psychotherapy accomplished through handwriting exercises specifically designed to bring out more desirable personality traits in an individual. By doing these exercises, you can retrain your subconscious mind. I can guide you with how you can improve your self confidence, reduce stress levels, increase your focus and concentration, to stop procrastination and to create an emotional balance through these handwriting and signature analysis exercises by using graphotherapy. To know more about what other benefits graphotherapy can offer you, read the next question on the benefits of graphotherapy in handwriting and signature analysis. 

Using Graphotherapy and changing the handwriting has resulted in better marriages, better child and parent relationships, and reduced insecurity and dealing with lack of confidence. The benefits of handwriting exercises in graphotherapy have consistently amazed people who have completed these handwriting exercise courses. Several problems of shyness, depression, suicidal tendencies, hypersensitivity, severe introversion, insecurity, low ego, and low self confidence as well as mental confusion have been helped or in most cases, completely corrected. 

Yes you can. So here’s what you need to do. Take a blank piece of paper, and write down the following line – “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” and sign 3 times below and write down your full name as well. Have a look at the video shared above and compare your handwriting to the given analysis in the video about your handwriting. You’ll get a lot of clarity and insight about your personality through that video. And for a detailed analysis, you can always get in touch with me and I’ll be there to share with you more interesting details about your handwriting and signature. 


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